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If you're shopping for the best lube for men, then it's best that you understand what each lube company's definition of best actually means. It can be pretty vague, actually. In fact, many companies have overlapping definitions of what constitutes best. There are three companies that generally come to mind: Sutil, Lola, and Foria. Each one has a special formula that they boast produces their lubes with the best performance possible. We'll discuss the three in this article.

Sutil is probably best known for being the "condom of choice." It comes in five different varieties: trail, casual, premium, economy and pleasure. These lubes come in jelly, banana, chocolate, and silicon. Their intimate moments lubrication formula is a water based lubricant with silicone already in it. Sutil's website claims their product helps increase stamina, and reduce fatigue during romance.


Lola is another company that comes to mind when discussing best lube brands. Their budget range is similar to Sutil; their most basic product is a jelly like lube called Lola They also offer a couple other choices such as budget/common, common and luxury. Lola is their top selling product at over 90%. Lola comes in a variety of scents such as fruity, citrus, berry, floral, vanilla, and mint. It helps prevent premature ejaculation and enhances your pleasure experience.

Another popular choice for the best lube brands is The Lube Cleanser. They offer a variety of lube oils including baby oil, grape seed, and fruity. The grape seed oil and baby oil are lubricants while the fruity and amber oils provide a luxurious feel to your intimate moments. The scent they provide is nice and fresh, and they help provide lubrication on a hot day or during a sweaty activity. The Lube Cleanser is sold in many different forms, with singles, doubles, and Jelsica J, all of which are lubricant and aphrodisiacs.


Sutil is a leading water based lube brand that is also owned by Sutil. Like Lola, Foria is a popular choice for men looking for the best lube brands. It offers both men and women a selection of oils that help increase sensitivity and lubrication. The oils are not harmful, and they don't have any smell. All you need to do is shake out a few bottles, shake them up, and apply to the problem area. There are three main oils offered, grapefruit, amber, and sweet orange.

A favorite among the best lube brands is Uberlube. Uberlube is a luxury brand for those who demand quality when it comes to their intimate moments. Their products are made from all-natural ingredients that include flower extracts and other botanicals that work to improve your life. These lubes will improve blood flow, increase testosterone, and can even prevent premature ejaculation. Also, find out best lube for masturbating here.

Not all of the best lube brands are made from silicone, which can sometimes create an allergic reaction. If you suffer from sensitive skin, then you may want to choose a lube lubricant that is made from natural ingredients.

Some of these ingredients include: witch hazel, chamomile, avocado, rose water, and vitamin E. Other ingredients to look for are: potassium sorbate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and phytessence wakame. These ingredients will not only help your toys last longer, but they will also make your orgasms more powerful.

Final Words

To help you find the best lube for your needs, check out the most popular online adult toy stores. Many adult toy stores have their own selection of lube that is specially designed for safe romance. With so many different lubes on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for your personal taste and preferences. 

With the internet, it's easy to do some price comparisons to ensure you get the best lube at the best price. Just remember that the best lube doesn't mean it has to be the most expensive, or the most exotic.